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Method Statement



To give general guidelines to staff, clients, and venues, on the preferred methods employed in the installation of disco equipment, and the provision of service for disco systems, their risks and controls.

ACCESS REQUIREMENT:  Access is required for between 1 - 2 hours prior to equipment use / event start time; this time is dependent on size and complexity of disco install and will be noted on the booking form. The room will be required for up to 1 hour after event finishes; equipment removal will commence as soon as the event has closed. Shorter access times may require additional staff and earlier availability of access at the venue.Every event is different but venue and client must appreciate set ups and de-rigs take time and therefore plan the room allocation / hire accordingly.Direct flat access from delivery vehicles into event venue is ideal enabling the use of wheeled cases and trolleys. Raised  thresholds, stairs, small lifts etc. All represent barriers to the safe unloading of equipment and therefore the health and safety of those carrying out this task.In booking ~ the venue / client must seriously consider if the available access is fit for purpose.

METHOD OF DELIVERY:  Unload equipment form road vehicle (Private / light goods / commercial panelled van) across car park, loading area, rear of building fire exit doors and transport to first floor location. Also relevant parking permit’s on location if needed.


STORAGE OF EQUIPMENT & MATERIALS ON SITE:  Equipment, materials and transport cases stored on site will be by agreement with the venue and client.  Please Note:  There are no materials used which can be described as hazardous, flammable, caustic or explosive.Any such materials would be documented and referred to additional paperwork in compliance with COSHH and specific risk assessment.

INSTALLATION METHOD:  All equipment is installed temporarily, no permanent alterations to fabric of venue should be necessary.

Please will the venue supply 2 or more tables for use of the equipment. (Size to be agreed)
Cable infrastructure at floor level to be held down with high quality cloth backed tape. Where out in the open, cable will be completely covered, where against a wall, cables will be taped down to prevent movement. Where crossing access points, hazard tape to be overlaid to highlight possible trip hazard. Cable runs should keep clear of escape routes but where unavoidable should be run at a higher level over door frames, the venues co-operation in cable management is required as a method of cable fixing maybe needed to secure cables at this level.  Tripod mounted equipment, tripod legs that extend into the room, and the edge of the area defined by the three feet of the tripod to be marked with hazard tape. During installation and removal of equipment, the venue will be a work site and access should be restricted to those who have a specific purpose in the preparation of the event. Side meetings between delegates and or guests in the venue after the event should
be discouraged, as this will delay de-rig and is ultimately a potential safety issue, as the venue returns to a work site.

RISK ASSESMENT - Risks:  Manual Handling, Trip hazards, sharps (broken glass often found out side / inside access areas, venue flooring). Poorly maintained fixed electrical installations at venues.  In date Fire extinguishers, type and location.
NOTE:  Operators to familiarise themselves with the positions of the fire exits and also the external assembly point for that particular room / suite should they have to evacuate the room due to fire / bomb scare.


CONTROLS:  Site survey and assessment, time restrictions and venue accessibility, provision of personal protective wear as required, compliance with site lift loading restrictions, off-site testing and inspection of supplied equipment ( Pat testing), lifting instruction, equipment training, off-site safety training in compliance with Health & Safety guidelines

INSPECTION OF EQUIPMENT:  All equipment such as electrical equipment, trolleys and stepladder shall be regularly inspected before commencement of work.

The customer will be made aware of all potential dangers throughout the contract.

WORK COMPLETION:  Mains extension cables to be fixed and system equipment to be tested prior to performance operation, equipment removal to be started immediately after event.

FIRST AID:  For minor injury ~ medical kit in vehicle.